Can ChatGPT create health and wellness and also clinical content_

PT-3 (Generative Pretrained Transformer 3) is a state-of-the-art language processing AI model developed by OpenAI. It is capable of generating human-like text and has a wide range of applications, including language translation, language modeling, and generating text for applications such as chatbots. It is one of the largest and most powerful language-processing AI models to date, with 175 billion parameters. Its most common use so far is creating ChatGPT – a highly capable chatbot [1]

The ChatGPT Buzz !! With the most recent news reporting, OpenAI’s ChatGPT has successfully cleared all three parts of the United States Medical Licensing Examination (US MLE) examination in a single go, as per the results of a new experiment, ChatGPT is clearing exploding as the greatest buzz of the global town [2] With abilities to generate text, ChatGPT may certainly have implications in areas, of writing, medical writing, medical journalism; where information is vast and complex, and difficult and time-consuming to extract crisp perspectives in web content. Thus, it would be interesting how it may influence the lives of medical communications and medico-marketing professionals, as content forms a significant wing in these professions. So, we did run a series of tasks with ChatGPT, and here are our key learnings listed in the form of QnA: Can ChatGPT write health content and medical content? Yes, very certainly. Can ChatGPT write health content and medical content with reference sources? This is interesting. We read some authors who reported earlier that ChatGPT couldn’t do this. Hence, we gave ChatGPT specific instructions to write an article with a reference source. And if you instruct specifically to cite references, it does. When you ask ChatGPT for some “specific small piece” of medical information with a reference source; For e.g. what is the diagnostic criteria of diabetes? It gives you the correct response with reference. (Refer Figure 1)

Figure 1 Can ChatGPT write longer health and medical content pieces with reference sources?

This is where ChatGPT, at this point, couldn’t match a professional as per our experience. The quality of the medical content output comes out very basic with shallow technical details. We asked ChatGPT to “write 1000 words on salbutamol in bronchial asthma with source reference cited”. For a molecule so old with so much information, ChatGPT gave us a very basic output of content for medical content standards using two references only (Refer Figure 2)

Figure 2 We went to probe more specifically instructing ChatGPT “to summarise all clinical trial evidence on salbutamol with use of 10 references cited”. The chatbot felt overwhelmed and responded to its inability to do the same (Refer Figure 3)

Figure 3 To further narrow down the scope of the chatbot, we nudged ChatGPT “to summarise all clinical evidence on sitagliptin with use of 5 references” (instead of 10). The chatbot responded with an article draft that was again shallow and lacking the technical depth expected for a medical content target audience. The article contained 5 cited references, of which 3 citations were incorrect and the same i.e. (Reference citations, 3,4,5 were the same) (Refer Figure 4)

Figure 4 Can ChatGPT provide a content strategy and analyze medical information?

The chatbot can give very basic outlines of molecule scope, but certainly not in a position to strategize content at this point. Also, that is not the basic role of ChatGPT (In simple words, it’s just an AI language tool) We asked ChatGPT to compare all molecules of hypertension class- Angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs), We asked, “What is the difference between different Angiotensin receptor Blockers?” and the information output couldn’t go much beyond basic information (refer Figure 5)

Figure 5 What are the other limitations of ChatGPT in the medical writing, health, medical journalism, and medico-marketing context?

ChatGPT’s current training data has a cut-off date of 2021. Hence, it is not in a position to draft out the latest information. (Refer Figure 6). This currently seems a major limitation for ChatGPT in this space.

Figure 6 However, also noteworthy, that despite being trained up till 2021, the chatbot couldn’t give us significant depth on content output pertaining to sitagliptin, and salbutamol (which are old molecules and have a plethora of resources online). This implies the chatbot is still a significant work in progress on the tech side.

Can ChatGPT develop clinical trial protocols? ChatGPT cannot develop a customized clinical trial protocol, but it can be a very basic structure content output of a clinical trial protocol throwing up information based on earlier conducted studies on the same molecule (Refer Figure 7) Again, not with any specific analysis or insights.

Figure 7 Can ChatGPT be credited with authorship for writing an article?

This has been a big debate over the last couple of months in the research and scientific publPT-3 (Generative Pretrained Transformer 3) is a cutting edge language handling AI version created by OpenAI. It can producing human-like message and also has a vast array of applications, consisting of language translation, language modeling, and also producing message for applications such as chatbots. It is just one of the biggest and also most effective language-processing AI versions to day, with 175 billion specifications. Its most usual usage up until now is developing ChatGPT – a very qualified chatbot [1]

The ChatGPT Buzz !! With one of the most current information coverage, OpenAI’s ChatGPT has actually effectively gotten rid of all 3 components of the USA Medical Licensing Exam (United States MLE) evaluation in a solitary go, based on the outcomes of a brand-new experiment, ChatGPT is getting rid of taking off as the best buzz of the international community [2] With capabilities to produce message, ChatGPT might absolutely have effects in locations, of composing, clinical writing, clinical journalism; where info is large and also intricate, and also challenging and also lengthy to draw out crisp viewpoints in web content. Hence, it would certainly be intriguing exactly how it might affect the lives of clinical interactions and also medico-marketing experts, as material kinds a considerable fly these occupations. So, we did run a collection of jobs with ChatGPT, and also below are our vital knowings provided in the kind of QnA: Can ChatGPT create health and wellness web content and also clinical web content? Yes, really absolutely. Can ChatGPT create health and wellness web content and also clinical web content with recommendation resources? This is intriguing. We checked out some writers that reported previously that ChatGPT couldn’t do this. For this reason, we offered ChatGPT certain guidelines to create a post with a referral resource. As well as if you advise especially to mention recommendations, it does. When you ask ChatGPT for some “certain little item” of clinical info with a referral resource; For e.g. what is the analysis requirements of diabetic issues? It offers you the right action with recommendation. (Refer Number 1)

Number 1 Can ChatGPT create longer health and wellness and also clinical web content items with recommendation resources?

This is where ChatGPT, now, couldn’t match a specialist based on our experience. The high quality of the clinical material result appears really standard with superficial technological information. We asked ChatGPT to “create 1000 words on salbutamol in bronchial asthma with resource recommendation mentioned”. For a particle so old with a lot info, ChatGPT offered us an extremely standard result of web content for clinical web content criteria making use of 2 recommendations just (Refer Number 2)

Number 2 We mosted likely to penetrate even more especially advising ChatGPT “to sum up all professional test proof on salbutamol with use 10 recommendations mentioned”. The chatbot really felt overloaded and also reacted to its failure to do the very same (Refer Number 3)

Number 3 To better limit the range of the chatbot, we pushed ChatGPT “to sum up all professional proof on sitagliptin with use 5 recommendations” (as opposed to 10). The chatbot reacted with a post draft that was once more superficial and also doing not have the technological deepness anticipated for a clinical web content target market. The write-up included 5 mentioned recommendations, of which 3 citations were wrong and also the very same i.e. (Referral citations, 3,4,5 coincided) (Refer Number 4)

Number 4 Can ChatGPT give a material method and also assess clinical info?

The chatbot can offer really standard details of particle range, however absolutely not in a placement to plan web content now. Likewise, that is not the standard duty of ChatGPT (In easy words, it’s simply an AI language device) We asked ChatGPT to contrast all particles of high blood pressure course- Angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs), We asked, “What is the distinction in between various Angiotensin receptor Blockers?” and also the info result couldn’t go a lot past standard info (refer Number 5)

Number 5 What are the various other constraints of ChatGPT in the clinical writing, health and wellness, clinical journalism, and also medico-marketing context?

ChatGPT’s existing training information has a cut-off day of 2021. For this reason, it is not in a placement to prepare out the most up to date info. (Refer Number 6). This presently appears a significant constraint for ChatGPT in this room.

Number 6 Nonetheless, likewise notable, that regardless of being educated until 2021, the chatbot couldn’t offer us substantial deepness on material result referring to sitagliptin, and also salbutamol (which are old particles and also have a huge selection of sources online). This suggests the chatbot is still a considerable operate in progression on the technology side.

Can ChatGPT establish professional test methods? ChatGPT cannot establish a tailored professional test method, however it can be an extremely standard framework material result of a professional test method regurgitating info based upon earlier performed research studies on the very same particle (Refer Number 7) Once More, not with any kind of certain evaluation or understandings.

Number 7 Can ChatGPT be attributed with authorship for composing a post?

This has actually been a large discussion over the last number of months in the research study and also clinical publ