Using probabilistic fixation Velcro as a friction-induced vibration damping treatment

Wave propagation mannequin

The properties of the fastener affect the vibration of the supporting construction. To research the vibrational interplay, the vibration of the supported construction was analyzed as

$$Dfrac{{partial^{4} w}}{{partial x^{4} }} + M_{b} frac{{partial^{2} w}}{{partial t ^{2} }} = 0$$


the place w is the transverse displacement, D is the bending stiffness per unit size, and Mb is the mass per unit size22. For a harmonic vibration of (w(x,t) = {textual content{Re}} { hat{w}(x)e^{iomega t} })the vibrational response is analyzed as

$$hat{w}(x) = hat{A}_{1} sin hat{ok}_{b} x + hat{A}_{2} cos hat{ok}_ {b} x + hat{A}_{3} e^{{hat{ok}_{b} x}} + hat{A}_{4} e^{{ – hat{ok} _{b} (x + a)}}$$


the place (hat{ok}_{b}) is the wave quantity, (hat{A}_{i} , (i = 1, ldots , 4)) are respectively the complicated amplitudes. The boundary circumstances of the cantilever beam excited by some extent drive got by

$$start{gathered} hat{w}( – a) = hat{w}^{prime}( – a) = hat{w}^{primeprime}(b) = hat {D}left( {hat{w}^{primeprimeprime}(0^{ + } ) – hat{w}^{primeprimeprime}(0^{ – }) } proper) + hat{S}_{t} hat{w}(0^{ + } ) = 0,,, hfill hat{w}^{prime}(0^ { – } ) = hat{w}^{prime}(0^{ + } ),,,,hat{w}^{primeprime}(0^{ – } ) = hat{w}^{primeprime}(0^{ + } ),,,hat{D}hat{w}^{primeprimeprime}(b) = F,, ,,hat{w}(0^{ – } ) = hat{w}(0^{ + } ) hfill finish{gathered}$$


the place F is the drive utilized on the free finish, (hat{D} = D(1 + jeta_{D} )) is the complicated bending stiffness, (hat{S}_{t} = S_{t} (1 + jeta_{{S_{t} }} )) is the translational stiffness of the fastener, (eta_{D}) and (eta_{{S_{t} }}) are the corresponding loss elements, a and b are the lengths between the attachment and the 2 ends of the beam, respectively. On this research, the rotational stiffness of the fastener was uncared for. Making use of the eight boundary circumstances of Eq. (5) to eq. (4), the switch operate was obtained as

$$Lambda e^{jphi } = hat{w}(x_{1} )/hat{w}(b)$$


the place X1 is the situation of the accelerometer put in on the beam, (Lambda) are (phi) the magnitude and part of the switch operate. The vibrational properties in Eq. (6) is the operate of the stiffness of the Velcro complicated, (hat{S}_{t}). The equation was solved utilizing the Newton-Raphson technique23. The complicated stiffness obtained by the numerical technique corresponded to the viscoelastic properties within the measured frequency bands.

Experimental setup

To guage the damping properties of Velcro seals, vibration experiments have been performed at room temperature (21–23°C). The experimental setup for the vibration check is proven in Fig. 2a. The aluminum beam was clamped at one finish. The size, width and thickness of the beam have been 400, 30 and 20 mm respectively. A stirrer on the free finish ensured the vibratory excitation. The exams have been carried out with random excitation for 17.3 seconds. A complete of fifty vibration responses have been averaged to acquire the frequency response features. The vibration responses of the beam have been measured by accelerometers (Bruel and Kjaer, Kind 4507) at 100 and 400 mm from the clamped finish, respectively. The fixing specimen was put in within the route of excitation to help the beam 250 mm from the clamped finish. As proven in Fig. 2b, the probabilistic fastener pattern used on this research was Twin-lock® (3M, Kind SJ3550). Extruded polystyrene (EPS) and ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), that are extensively used as polymer vibration damping remedies, have been used within the experiments. The size and width of the probabilistic fixture and polymer samples have been 20 and 30 mm, respectively. A abstract of the experimental setup is introduced in Desk 1. To be able to research the friction attributable to vibrations, the dynamic properties have been measured with a progressive elongation from attachment till detachment.

Determine 2
Figure 2

(a) Experimental configuration of the cantilever beam mounted with a fixing specimen. (b) Probabilistic fasteners, extruded polystyrene (EPS) and ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), have been connected to the beam. (vs) Diagram of the experimental setup to check the results of the thickness of the fastener. The fastener and polymer supplies have been analyzed as translational stiffness.

Desk 1 Geometric parameters of the experimental configuration of the cantilever beam.

Determine 2c exhibits the schematic of the vibration experiments by which the dynamic properties have been measured. The thickness of the fastener is outlined as follows:

$$h = h_{0} + Delta ,$$


the place h0 is the thickness when the fastener is most compressed, and (Delta) is the elongation size. The exams have been carried out by various the thickness of the attachment by 0.2 mm, from 2.6 mm (the attachment was in most compression) to 4.8 mm (the worth earlier than full detachment). The spring ingredient of the help has a major affect on the vibration response of the construction24. On this research, the impact of probabilistic fixation assumed as a translational spring at a single location was investigated by the wave propagation evaluation of the vibrating beam.

As proven in Determine 3, a uniaxial vibration check was additionally carried out to measure the hysteresis loops of the polymeric supplies and probabilistic attachment. A flat plate for measuring the displacement was inserted between the pattern and the drive sensor. The opposite aspect of the specimen was connected to the mounted finish. The size and width of the EPS, EPDM and probabilistic bond specimens have been 25 mm and 20 mm respectively. A drive transducer was put in on the stirrer to measure the drive utilized to the pattern. Two laser sensors have been put in to measure the displacement of the plate representing the motion of the pattern. Whereas the pattern was excited at 100 Hz, hysteresis loops have been acquired from the drive transducer and the displacement sensor.

image 3
picture 3

Uniaxial tensile and compression check setup for measuring hysteresis loops of polymeric supplies and probabilistic attachment.

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