10 Details Only Book Fans Know About House Of The Dragon’s Ser Criston Cole

10 Details Only Book Fans Know About House Of The Dragon’s Ser Criston Cole

Warning: This listing comprises Fireplace & Blood spoilers, probably for Home of the Dragon Season 2.Ser Criston Cole seems in 9 of the ten episodes of Dragon HouseThe primary season of, a exceptional feat contemplating the present spans many years, characters and actors. Nonetheless, Ser Criston is likely one of the most essential characters within the story and a vital determine within the Dance of the Dragons.

Performed by Fabien Frankel, Ser Criston is an advanced character. And whereas the present does a terrific job of translating him to the display, it could’t assist however pass over a number of key particulars about him that can be acquainted to e book readers and followers alike. Fireplace & Blood.


Ser Criston was the son of a steward

Like many characters in A track of ice and fireplace, Ser Criston Cole rose above his submit. Nonetheless, not a lot is understood about his background or formative years. Followers know he was born in 82 AC; his father was a steward at Blackhaven, the seat of Home Dondarrion within the steps of Dornish.

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Cole’s father is just not named within the books and little is revealed about his household. He was clearly educated since childhood, however it isn’t identified who his lecturers had been. Cole had a pure present for sword combating, given he received the Maidenpool scrum aged 22.

Ser Criston is essentially the most well-known member of Home Cole

Ser Criston mentions in episode three of the collection how his knighthood and eventual rise to the Kingsguard was a very powerful factor that ever occurred to the Cole home, and he wasn’t kidding. The little home was apparently a vassal of Home Dondarrion within the Dornish Marches, itself sworn to Home Baratheon.

Neither the Coles nor the Dondarrions are a part of the most important houses of Dragon House, which explains the previous’s lack of relevance in Westeros. Nonetheless, Cole’s actions would have been sufficient to make him a well-known, or relatively notorious, member of any home within the kingdom, particularly since he finally turns into Hand of the Type within the books.

Home Cole is sort of extinct by the point GOT begins

Home Cole disappears from the historical past books after Ser Criston Cole’s lengthy and pivotal intervention within the Dance of the Dragons. It isn’t identified in the event that they remained within the Dornish Steps, however they fell into oblivion and nearly disappeared through the years.

Nonetheless, inflexible game of thrones fans will know two members of Home Cole intervene within the occasions of A track of ice and fireplace. Brothers Dick and Will Cole are two exiles serving the Golden Firm, although it’s unclear whether or not they’re precise members of Home Cole or runaways who adopted the household identify.

Ser Criston & Rhaenyra

Dragon Home leaves completely little question in regards to the nature of the connection between Cole and Rhaenyra Targaryen. The present confirms that that they had an affair that lasted a substantial period of time and ended badly when he requested her to run away with him, and he or she rejected him.

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The books take a much less direct method to their relationship. Mushroom claims that it was Rhaenyra who unsuccessfully seduced Cole, whereas Septon Eustace argues that Cole adopted his TV counterpart’s steps. The end result is similar, nevertheless, as Cole dumped her and have become a staunch supporter of Alicent Hightower and the Greens.

Ser Criston had a nickname

In his story, game of thrones had several popular characters with nicknamesfrom the Queen of Thorns to the Knight of Flowers. Dragon Home additionally options a number of characters with nicknames that outline them, together with Ser Criston. Within the books, he turns into generally known as “Kingmaker” after inserting Aegon the Conqueror’s crown on Aegon II and declaring him King of the Seven Kingdoms.

“Kingmaker” is a relatively nice nickname, particularly contemplating Cole’s actions earlier than and through the Dance of the Dragons. His repute has tarnished through the years, however he was a feared, if not revered, determine all through his life.

The Kingmaker and the Bonebreakers

On the finish of the day, Dragon House leaves out many details about Ser Harwin Strong, together with his nickname, Breakbones. The knight shared a years-long affair with bride Rhaenyra Targaryen, fathering three kids along with her. Ser Criston and Ser Harwin confronted off through the match to have a good time the marriage of Rhaenyra and Ser Laenor Velaryon. Throughout their match, Cole broke Sturdy’s collarbone and broke his elbow, resulting in Mushroom calling him “Brokenbones”.

The stage did not make it to the present, however their animosity was loud and clear. The books give the impression that the incident was a part of the fray, however given their connection to Rhaenyra, Cole’s actions seem like geared toward hurting and presumably killing Ser Harwin.

Ser Criston has been energetic within the Inexperienced Council

Though the present casts Cole as a passive participant within the inexperienced council, the books have him play a extra decisive function. Cole and Alicent are those to name the council and declare Aegon king, with Cole strongly opposing Rhaenyra and Daemon and calling his eldest sons bastards. Cole additionally kills Lyman Beesbury, the one Rhaenyra supporter on the Little Council, and arrests all black supporters in King’s Touchdown.

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Dragon Home makes Criston extra of a servant than a plotter, obeying Alicent with out query and finishing up her needs. Nonetheless, the books depict a extra crafty and energetic function within the warfare, making him a extra harmful risk and a number one member of the Ruthless Greens.

Ser Criston turns into Hand of the King

Extra time, A song of ice and fire has many mighty hands of the king, however Ser Criston is just not considered one of them. He assumes the place after Aegon II, annoyed with Otto Hightower’s choices, fires him.

Cole proves to be an ineffective hand. His warrior mentality leads him to undertake an unnecessarily aggressive method, abandoning all sense of diplomacy and pragmatism in favor of open confrontation. Rhaenyra and Daemon outwitted him a couple of occasions, resulting in King’s Touchdown’s downfall. Nonetheless, Cole stays in workplace, primarily because of his shut relationship with Aemond Targaryen, who acts because the de facto chief of the inexperienced.

Ser Criston and Queen Alicent

Ser Criston and Queen Alicent Hightower have some of the essential relationships in Dragon Home. They’re allies within the collection and within the e book, however the nature of their relationship stays ambiguous in each. They appear to have a strictly platonic dynamic, however there are hints that their connection may run deeper.

Nonetheless, nothing is definite. The books describe them as staunch allies who bond over their shared ambitions and intense dislike for Rhaenyra. The present introduces a barely extra sophisticated relationship, blurring their emotions for one another and permitting for hypothesis; nevertheless, it’s unlikely that something will occur between them.

Ser Criston’s Dividing Legacy

Like many different characters in Westerosi historical past, Ser Criston Cole has a divisive legacy. Many take into account him a staunch supporter of custom and heritage and defend his actions through the Dance of the Dragons. Others view him as a traitor, a despised lover who risked the dominion out of non-public grudge in opposition to Rhaenyra.

Cole is a controversial character, thought of to embody the perfect and worst facets of the Kingsguard. Nonetheless, he’s additionally fascinating and a vital participant within the Dance of the Dragons; its illustration in Dragon Home confirms his infamy.

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