10 Characters From ‘The Office’ Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

10 Characters From ‘The Office’ Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

The world of Harry Potter is huge, imaginative and, fairly merely, magical. Among the many franchise’s most well-known parts are the Hogwarts homes, the “groups” into which every scholar within the faculty is positioned based mostly on their character. There are the courageous Gryffindors, the formidable Slytherins, the loyal Hufflepuffs, and the knowledge-driven Ravenclaws.

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Equally huge is the forged of characters from Office, the legendary fictional American sitcom concerning the each day lifetime of a paper firm’s places of work in Scranton, Pennsylvania. It is all the time enjoyable to think about which Hogwarts home sure fictional characters could be sorted into, and to do it with the characters from Workplace isn’t any exception.


Gabe Susan Lewis – Ravenclaw

Performed with astonishing quirkiness by Zack Woods, Gabe is undoubtedly one of the vital controversial characters within the collection. He’s unusual, quiet and infrequently fairly boring.

Mainly, Gabe is certainly a Ravenclaw. He has very explicit pursuits that he is aware of very nicely, from Korean cleaning soap operas to morbid topics and horror movies. He’s diligent and hardworking, comparatively clever and fairly aggressive.

Darryl Philbin—Gryffindor

Pleasant and educated, Darryl was the warehouse foreman on the workplace, however his dedication led him to rise by the company ranks all through the collection.

Darryl’s ambition and energy to higher himself is way much less like Slytherin’s and is far more grounded in his unimaginable grit, grit, and willpower. He continually stands up for what he believes is true, he’s very charming and simple to love, and he continually proves himself to be one of the vital worthwhile members of the workplace.

Andy Bernard—Slytherin

Andy is likely one of the characters with probably the most notable character arcs in your entire collection, which in his case was a bit controversial in direction of the top of the collection. He’s insecure, expressive and goal-oriented.

The Sorting Hat ought to certainly take its time deciding the place to place Andy; partly as a result of his character continually modifications over the course of the present, and partly as a result of he exhibits many traits from every of the opposite homes. However deep down Andy is pushed by ambition. Even when he tries to make his associates joyful, the need to succeed remains to be a part of his motivation.

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Oscar Martinez – Ravenclaw

Typically the workplace is aware of all of it, Oscar is normally one of many extra regular, life like, and fewer cartoonish characters within the set. He’s rational, clever, environment friendly and fairly reserved.

Most of the time, Oscar performs into typical Ravenclaw stereotypes. He’s very cerebral, very smart and he can not help correcting his colleagues once they make a mistake. He is far more three-dimensional than that, although: he may also be pleasant, the workplace’s voice of purpose, and an important supply of recommendation.

Ryan Howard—Slytherin

Ryan is likely one of the most complicated characters in your entire collection. He is a fairly arduous character to painting within the first three seasons, then he rapidly takes a flip and turns into the primary antagonist in season 4, then an occasional anti-hero within the remaining seasons.

One factor is definite, Ryan is a Slytherin by and thru. He’s crafty and resourceful, utilizing his abilities to slowly and inadvertently obtain his objectives, which generally aren’t notably moral.

Pam Beesly – Hufflepuff

Pam is a fan favourite on the present, beginning out as a passive and shy receptionist, however slowly turning into a extra assertive and unbiased saleswoman because the collection progresses.

Though the Sorting Hat would certainly strongly contemplate placing Pam in Gryffindor as a Neville Longbottom-type, she would certainly really feel extra snug in Hufflepuff. Though she turns into extra assured, she stays variety to everybody and dependable to a fault. She values ​​persistence and equity, and he or she is likely one of the hardest working individuals within the workplace.

Jim Halpert – Gryffindor

In some ways, Jean Krasinski‘s Jim is the true protagonist of Workplace. He’s a crafty prankster; humorous, charming and all the way down to earth. He generally is a little merciless at occasions, however he is an important man at coronary heart.

Whereas Jim would additionally match comfortably into Slytherin because of his quiet ambition and playful ingenuity, he’s far too courageous, chivalrous, and devoted to not be a Gryffindor. He has a powerful ethical compass and he is not afraid to take dangers. It is honest to say he would get alongside splendidly with Fred and George Weasley.

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Dwight Schrute – Slytherin

Dwight, one of many funniest characters in your entire collection, is Jim’s self-proclaimed best enemy. He is good and bold, in addition to the hardest-working salesman in Scranton.

Dwight’s loyalty to authority and his devotion to what he believes to be proper would make him a worthwhile Gryffindor. Finally, nonetheless, what Dwight values ​​most is success and ambition. His loyalty, intelligence, and resourcefulness are all aimed toward in the future turning into the workplace supervisor, irrespective of the price.

Toby Flenderson – Squib

Toby is the workplace’s HR consultant and the particular person Michael hates probably the most in the entire world. This hatred is contagious, since everybody within the workplace additionally mistreats him a minimum of just a few occasions.

It is honest to say that Toby would in all probability be a Squib (a magicless baby of magical mother and father). Her light and affected person demeanor could be good for the function. Maybe he may assist Mr. Filch together with his guard duties across the fort, doing his finest to keep away from Michael.

Michael Scott – Hufflepuff

One of the vital iconic characters in sitcom historical past, hilariously embodied by the sensible Steve Carrell, Michael Scott is the supervisor of the Scranton department of Dunder Mifflin. He needs nothing greater than to be cherished, and whereas his antics could seem merciless and narcissistic, there is a large quantity of kindness and loyalty deep in his coronary heart.

Michael is extremely loyal to the corporate and its workers, and he all the time strives to make the each day work atmosphere enjoyable and pleasurable for everybody besides Toby. Regardless of his idiosyncrasies, kindness is his defining attribute, that means he would be capable of do Hufflepuff quite a lot of good.

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