Addition of fallen wood from Pinus massoniana improved the growth of Plagiomnium acutum in a substrate culture

Experimental website

The experiment was carried out from March to July 2021 on the West Campus of Guizhou College positioned in Guiyang, Guizhou Province, China (106°65′ E, 27°22′ N), which has a subtropical local weather, typical humid and gentle, with plateau and monsoon traits. The common annual precipitation, common annual temperature, common annual relative humidity and common annual sunshine hours in Guiyang had been 1129.5mm, 15.3℃, 77% and 1148.3h respectively. Temperature and humidity modifications had been recorded with a thermohygrometer at 8:00-9:00 a.m., 12:00-1:00 p.m., and 5:00-6:00 p.m. every day in the course of the experiment (Fig. 8). P.acutum most popular a shaded one and the correct gentle vary for that is 70% to 90% shade30, so the cultivation space was handled with three layers of shading internet to make sure that the shading price was over 70%. Spray and moisturize day by day based on the precise scenario.

Determine 8
figure 8

Dynamic change in air temperature and humidity in the course of the experimental interval (March 2021-July 2021).

Rising medium and plant materials

The soil substrate consists of granular soil, normal goal nutrient soil, charcoal soil and backyard soil. P. massoniana fallen wooden was collected from the West Campus of Guizhou College and divided into totally different levels of decomposition (Desk 2) with respect to the classification and standards for figuring out the decomposition levels of forest coarse wooden residues by research earlier13,31,32. The mosses had been harvested from Guanshan Lake Park in Guiyang Metropolis, Guizhou Province.

Desk 2 Classification desk of fallen balls.

Experimental design

The soils had been disinfected by publicity to the solar for 7 days and the bark, sapwood and heartwood of fallen wooden had been eliminated after which floor and combined individually earlier than planting. Two teams of remedies had been applied within the cultivation trials (Desk 3), specifically the combined equal-volume soil-soil homogeneous combined (SS) remedy and the combined equal-volume combined soil-wood homogeneous remedy (SW). . After laying the non-woven cloth within the planting pots, put the identical quantity of combined substrate within the pots and water completely earlier than transplanting. The cultivation of moss was achieved by culturing gametophytes. The cultivation methodology borrowed from the combined sowing methodology (space methodology + weight methodology) of Solar33that’s, the froth crushed by a crusher was weighed, after which it was evenly laid flat on the substrate with an space of ​​4 cm × 4 cm, and every remedy was repeated thrice.

Desk 3 Therapy of rising medium.

Indicator measurement methodology

Willpower of the index of the rising medium

Indices of bodily and chemical properties of the substrate embrace bulk density, water-holding capability, whole porosity, aeration porosity, water-holding porosity, and void ratio, which had been measured earlier than tradition, counting on the willpower strategies of Li et al.34 and Zhao et al.35. Indicators of nutrient properties embrace whole nitrogen, whole phosphorus and whole potassium. The answer to be measured was ready by H2SO4-HCLO4 decoction methodology, the overall nitrogen content material was decided by the CleverChem computerized interrupted chemical analyzer, the phosphorus content material was decided by the colorimetric molybdenum yellow methodology, and the overall potassium content material was decided by the photometric methodology of flame.

Willpower of development and physiological indices of P.acutum

Size measurement: After 30 days of cultivation, ten mosses had been randomly chosen for every remedy each 10 days and their size was measured (accuracy 0.1 cm).

Cowl measurement: After 30 days of cultivation, take a photograph each 10 days, then measure the moss space with AutoCAD 2016 plotting, and the moss cowl calculation system was as follows.

$${textual content{C}} = left( {{textual content{A}}/{textual content{B}}} proper) occasions 100% .$$

Formulation: C-moss blanket; A-zone foam; Planting space B.

Willpower of physiological indicators

Willpower of chlorophyll content material in P.acutum refers back to the willpower methodology of Bao et al.36, with slight modifications. After 120 days of development in numerous rising mediums, the moss was eliminated, washed and drained for later use, 0.2 g of latest branches had been weighed and positioned in a ten ml centrifuge tube. Then 8 ml of 95% ethanol was added to the centrifuge tube. After 24 h of extraction at midnight, the liquid within the centrifuge tube and the froth residue had been filtered a number of occasions and stuck in a 25 ml brown volumetric flask, then the extract was poured right into a colorimetric dish of 1 cm optical diameter. Lastly, absorbance at wavelengths 665 nm and 649 nm was measured with a spectrophotometer with 95% ethanol as a clean management, then chlorophyll a content material, chlorophyll b content material, chlorophyll a/ b and the overall chlorophyll content material had been calculated based on the Arnon methodology. The soluble sugar content material was decided by the anthrone colorimetric methodology, and the soluble protein content material was decided by Komas Good Blue G-250 (Bradford methodology).

A complete evaluation of the expansion and growth standing of mosses

The fuzzy affiliation perform evaluation methodology was used to comprehensively assess the expansion and growth standing of P.acutum. The calculation equation is as follows.

$${textual content{F}}_{1} left( {{textual content{X}}_{{textual content{i}}} } proper) = left( {{textual content{X}} _{{textual content{i}}} – {textual content{X}}_{min } } proper)/left( {{textual content{X}}_{max } – {textual content{X }}_{min } } proper),$$

$${textual content{F}}_{2} left( {{textual content{X}}_{{textual content{i}}} } proper) = left( {{textual content{X}} _{{textual content{i}}} – {textual content{X}}_{min } } proper)/left( {{textual content{X}}_{max } – {textual content{X }}_{min } } proper).$$

Formulation: X denotes the measured worth of the ith index, Xmin denotes the measured minimal worth of the ith index, and Xmost denotes the utmost measured worth of the ith index. A Pearson correlation evaluation was carried out on the expansion and physiological indices of the P.acutum. If the indices had been against the expansion indices of the P.acutumthe worth of its affiliate perform was calculated utilizing the inverse affiliate perform system F2. The values ​​of the subordinate capabilities of the indices of development and growth of P.acutum underneath totally different rising mediums had been collected and averaged to acquire the entire plant morphology analysis index. The bigger the index worth, the higher the plant development underneath the substrate cultivation remedy37.38.

statistical analyzes

Information had been analyzed by one-way ANOVA with Excel 2010 and SPSS19.0 software program. A number of comparisons had been carried out by Duncan (P < 0.05), and correlations between indicators had been analyzed by Pearson correlation coefficients and plotted with Excel 2010 and Origin 2021.

Plant Harvest Allow

The gathering of plant materials complies with related institutional, nationwide and worldwide tips and laws.

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